• Image of Ohno Vroom Driver

Ohno himself in his super driving gear. READY, SET, GO! This print is part of the Ohno Vroom series. Every boy goes through that stage when cars are just the greatest things ever. But we all know decorating a kid's room really IS the greatest thing ever. This print makes everyone happy. Display it alone or together with any or all of the prints in the Vroom series.


· 8" x 10"
· Printed professionally at a green FSC® certified facility
· Archival premium quality card stock
· Non-toxic Eco-Friendly inks
· Ships flat in a protective sleeve
· Fits standard frames

* This print comes unframed

. . . . . .  

THE Oh KNOW: When my first son was one year old, he didn't really know how to say much, but he did love saying "Oh no." Especially after purposely dropping something on the ground. My husband, Will, and I were always puzzled by this. Such a guiltless expression following obvious wrong doing! Will came up with this little character. Like our son, he has that innocent expression on his face. Very cute, yes, but Ohno wasn't always innocent. This kid always has adventure in his mind, and maybe even a touch of menace. Sound familiar?